The New SN CD is here!!!!

Hey Everyone!!!

Hopefully, by the time of your reading, this blog has become more accessible to the public than it currently is. Here are a few announcements:

1. Advent starts this week. I know that I speak for many of us when I say that we are truly excited about this month. Not only are we CHOOSING to join the early church in celebration of the church calendar, but we are also adding our voices to the great story of church history. Many of the ways that we choose to celebrate Advent will look very different than other expressions from the past. This is thrilling!!!

2. We will be announcing a direction for our social justice emphasis this week.

3. Matt and Amy Sawyer will be stepping in to lead Angie Schuller's lifegroup since Angie is moving to Dallas (We will all miss her!!!) Matt and Amy are awesome people who are more than ready and excited about leading this group.

Have an awesome week!



Game Night Announcement ... (original music by: Josh Morales and video and editing by: Jessica Tankersley)

Ein Tre or ONE TREE ... a video diary of a Saturday Night life group's tree planting adventure. Video and editing by: Jessica Tankersley


Invisible Children

Hey Everyone!!!!

Just wanted to remind you about Invisible Children tonight!!! We will begin at 7pm. All we are doing is showing the film and BRIEFLY telling you what it is about.

Also, you can pre-order the SN Music CD (Not titled yet) by paying $10 and you get a free 4-song demo!!! What a deal!!! We will also be taking an offering to raise money to finish the CD which will benefit Invisible Children

We'll see you tonight!


Game Night This Week!

Hello SN Community,

In my own forgetfulness, I did not announce that this Thursday night at 7pm is community game night at the Smiths!!!! All are welcome to come. We always have a great time. Bring a snack if you want and we'll see you there! Also, I'd like to get the SN announcement blog going so that we can all stay in tune with stuff that is going on around the SN community. If you haven't seen it yet, go to We will try to keep it up to date.

For directions to the Smiths home, please e-mail Brad at




A SN Video "set up and tear down"

Game Night Tomorrow Night

This is just a reminder that we will be having our Game Night tomorrow, July 27, Thursday 7PM. Come to the Smith's house at 4711 W. 88th St. (about 3 miles west of the church - see link to directions below). If you have trouble finding us, call the Smiths at 512-6080.

We are trying to create a Saturday Night community where we actually get to know, support and spend time with each other. No better way to do that than FREE FOOD and GAMES! Come hang around, eat, play some games (or play some pool) and get to know each other. Come when you want; leave when you want.


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